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10 Sales Tips From Joe Girard The N.1 Salesman In The World

Joe Girard is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Record as the biggest salesman in the world.

Joe sold 13,001 cars between 1963 and 1978 at a Chevrolet dealer and he still holds the world record up until today.

Joe used to sell on average 6 cars per day.

He is the author of multiple best-selling books including “How to Sell Anything to Anybody” and “How to Sell Yourself”.

Here are 10 sales tips learned from Joe Gerard that made him the best salesperson in the world:

Understand that you are not selling a product, you are selling yourself

“I have never sold a car in my life. I sold Joe Girard.”

One of the greatest secrets of Joe Girard is that he has been able to focus his efforts not on the initial sale but on building and maintaining solid and genuine relationships with his clients, by sending them personalized notes for various occasions like birthdays, marriages etc.


Joe was meticulous about listening to his customers and being able to understand their needs.

As Joe suggests it is not a case if we are born with 2 ears and only one mouth.

Have a positive attitude

Joe suggests to stay close to positive people and to stay away from complainers and crybabies.

Keeping a positive attitude at any cost is vital in our profession.

Implement the law of 250

Joe quickly realized that each customer has an average of 250 people close enough to attend a special occasion.

Each customer can potentially represent 250 references and that is why Joe has focused his whole life on how to find effective and often original methods to maximize references and to grow his business,

and by doing so, the sales would ‘take care of themselves’.

Find your spark

Joe Gerard call it “your spark”, You could call it passion or inspiration or the drive to succeed,

Joe’s childhood was not one of the best starting with the relationship with his father who tended to physically and emotionally abuse his son,

Reproaching him, constantly suggesting that he would never be worth anything useful in life.

This was Joe’s first spark: the determination to prove that his father was wrong.

On the other side, Joe’s mother fed him her constant love and the conviction that Joe, contrary to his father’s negative suggestions, was able to succeed in life.

This was Joe’s second spark: to show at all costs that his mother was right.

In his opinion, these two experiences have created within Joe the “spark” that led him to his incredible success.

So, find your spark!

Constantly Improve Yourself

Joe Gerard suggests to never stop learning and improving, to be never satisfied, to study the psychology behind people’s decisions, what makes people do what they do.

So be passionate about this great profession, approach it with an open mind, learn as much as possible every day and you will be successful.

Always tell the truth

Transparency in our profession is fundamental, your job is helping your customers to make good decisions and you need to be trusted, you need to embrace only what is good for your customers, you need to believe in your products and services and to use them yourself.

Destroy The Buyer Remorse

After you have finalized your sale make sure to ask your customers why they bought from you: This will reinforce their motivation towards their purchase and by doing so you will make sure to minimize the buyer’s remorse.

Be Organized

Plan your work for the next day.

Make sure that every single interaction with your customers, that every appointment is well planned,

The top salespeople are usually very organized and they have always everything or as much as possible under control, so make sure to be organized and you will never regret it.

Reward Yourself

Lastly, as I always did at the end of the month, once you reach your goals make sure to reward yourself,

this is very important because it will increase your motivation to achieve your goals and your general wellbeing.

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