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3 Effective Ways To Build Rapport With Your Customers

Did you ever talk to a stranger and after only a few minutes, you had the impression of knowing that person for a lifetime? This is the magic of rapport.

The rapport is extremely important at the beginning of the interaction with your client, in fact the first few minutes of interaction with the client are of crucial importance in order to create the foundations for the rest of the negotiation.

If the customer doesn’t feel that he/she is on the same page with you during the first few minutes of conversation, it will be practically impossible to conclude any type of negotiation with him / her.

Below I will list some of the most effective techniques to create rapport effectively:

1) Match customer’s body language and voice

Simply move as he / she moves, speak at the same rate as the customer.

If you just do this for a few minutes, the customer unconsciously will feel like you and him are speaking the same language, and you will be amazed at the results from this simple but very effective technique.

2) Find things in common

Try to find out what he / she likes and find examples of similar interests / hobbies you may have in common.

Again, an other simple but effective technique.

We as human beings do this all the times during our normal interactions, selling is just being aware of these things and using them at the right place and time.

3) Keep it fun

What makes people happy? To have a fun conversation and to laugh often. Why make things too serious? Business doesn’t have to be so impersonal. Remember: this is a people business, don’t forget to keep it fun! Your customers will appreciate it, you will show more transparency and they will pay more attention to you as well!

Remember: Those are simple but yet very effective techniques to create rapport with your customers, without rapport there is no way to build solid relationships and even if you do make a sale without it, the customer won’t even remember about you the next time, he will just reach out to the next sales person.

As i always say, your goal is to build long term relationships.

Start using these techniques today and let me know about your progress!

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