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The 3 most important ways to destroy rejection once and for all

Rejection is probably one of the most powerful emotions you can experience.
If not managed correctly, it can literally destroy your life, but when handled properly, it can positively change you.
Personally, like every one of us, I have found myself in situations where I have experienced this strong emotion mostly in romantic relationships but you can experience any kind of rejections: not being hired from a company, being excluded from a group of friends are just some examples.
As you probably already know, here in my blog, I don’t like to offer philosophical topics just to make it look pretty, but I always strive to offer you the juice, that is, effective models that you can use and successfully apply to your life today.
Below you can find the list of the 3 most effective ways to handle rejection, I hope this list can help you handle the most painful situations more effectively:

If you experience rejection you know you are living to the fullest

When I experience any situation where I find myself rejected, the first question I ask myself is the following: “Is this negative feeling I’m experiencing right now helping me, is it improving my life in any way or is it just not useful?”
If I realize that there is no reason to feel bad only because someone has a different point of view, than I simply accept it and decide to move on with my life.
If on the other hand, I realize that there is something I can learn from a situation, then I ask myself a different type of question: “What can I learn from this experience?”  Or “How can I make sure that if I find myself in a similar situation in the future I can handle it differently?”
Asking such questions can not only help you to distance yourself from unproductive feelings, but you can literally improve your life and turn yourself into a better person.

Refuse to Let Rejection Define you

It is easy when you are rejected to think that if you failed once, twice or more times in a certain area of your life then you are a failure or you do not possess this or that kind of quality or you are just not that kind of person.
If I did not pass the math test then I’m not good in math, if I was rejected by the love of my life then I do not possess this or that particular quality and today I’m here to tell you to never make this mistake, do not fall into this trap because it can be one of the biggest mistakes of your life.
If you have failed in any area of your life and you are being rejected, this does not say anything about who you are as a person or about your potential, it just shows that you did not use or did not develop the resources you needed to handle a certain situation properly or the impression you made to the person you interacted with was not the right one.
Always remember: You are not your actions, your real potential is virtually unlimited.

Learn from any rejection and if necessary make adjustments
If you were rejected, it just means you did not obtain the desired reaction.
Successful people learn from their mistakes and instead of feeling bad about being rejected, they vary their behavior until they obtain the desired result.
For example, those who work in sales know that the only way to reach their goals is to constantly change behavior and adapt it to the type of customers they interact with, to keep trying and to keep adjusting until they get what they want.
If you have been rejected, remember: Change your behavior until you reach your results, you will be amazed by the  improvements you will obtain in your life.If you liked this post please share it with the people you care!

See you soon!


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