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4 Vital Sales Lessons Learned From Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is an international sales trainer, real estate investor and New York Times best-selling author.

Here you can find 4 vital lessons that I personally learned from Grant Cardone’s teachings:


“Success is your duty, obligation, responsibility.”

In this economy, obtaining success is no longer an option but a duty.

There is no excuse for not doing everything necessary to go beyond the mediocrity of the middle class,

Grant suggests not to be seduced by weekends and instead of focusing one hundred percent on realizing your potential.

When success is no longer an option but becomes a responsibility for your survival and for the survival of your loved ones, then you approach your profession in a totally different way.

As I always say the days in this world are counted, what is more important about what to focus on than the realization of your potential?

Close the sale at any cost

It makes me laugh to hear those who criticize salespeople who try to put pressure on their customers to increase sales.

A real salesperson is aggressive on his/her DNA and always applies pressure to his/her customers and knows how to do it.

People who don’t know how to apply pressure are just “order takers”.

If you don’t apply leadership during your interactions, if your client does not identify you as someone who entrusts their decisions then you need to change your approach or find a job that is more compatible with your personality.

Just show up

I know many people who are very good at talking, they know all about sales but they do not put into practice the things that would make them successful.

In sales there are no shortcuts, as Grant Cardone suggests, you have to “Just show up“,

No one is born with all the answers, with the magic wand, it takes practice, you have to get your hands dirty, make mistakes and keep fighting until you get the desired success.

Success is hard work, dedication and passion for your work, commit yourself 100 percent and you will be successful.

Handle your haters

As Grant says, there are no successful people who have not been criticized.

Whenever I get criticisms I realize that I am on the road to success,

There are many haters and they can come from different areas of your life, sometimes they can even be people from your own family.

Many haters want to feel justified in their failures, they want to justify their miserable lives made of mediocrity.

As Grant suggests, haters must be used as fuel for achieving our goals.

Never take the criticism personally, just smile, go back to your work and throw in the toilet all the useless feedbacks from your opponents.

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