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5 Effective Tips To Improve Your Sales Strategy Today

Set high goals

Since when I started in sales I was always curious about what the top salespeople were doing what sales strategy they were implementing so I could do the same.
The first thing that characterizes top producers and differentiates them from the rest of the average ones is their “hunger” for success, their insatiable desire to obtain more, to close more sales, to dream more and to desire much more compared to what their peers believe is possible.

Begin to raise the steaks, expect from yourself more than you ever dreamed of and if you really believe in it and you really want it, YOU WILL find the way (or the right sales strategy) to get there.

Get Your Customer’s help

I have always believed that in life it doesn’t make any sense to work hard if you can work smart instead.
Why complicate your life if you can achieve the same results with fewer efforts?
Which one do you think is the easiest way to get a sale? Calling a stranger or selling to a referral?
How many times did your best customers introduce you to friends or family and you ended up closing the sale with almost no efforts?
How can you then double or triple the number of your referrals?
Simple: You need to WOW your customers to the point that they feel almost obliged to introduce friends and family to you.
The Superstars in the field of sales do everything they can to offer their customers an UNFORGETTABLE service.
Surprise your customers and they will sell your solutions ON YOUR BEHALF.

Handle Objections Like A Pro

Another infallible technique to improve your sales strategy is to improve the way you handle your objections and one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal is to create a list of the most common objections to then “defuse” them before they even arrive.

Benefits First!

Have you ever noticed a technically well-prepared sales person who still continues to under-perform?
This happens because instead of focusing on the benefits of their products or services, they just talk about the features and people can care less about them if they can’t see how our solutions can solve their problems.
To close more sales you have to do exactly the opposite: Concentrate your pitch on the benefits and match them to the needs of your customers.
LISTEN CAREFULLY to your customers, act like a poker player when he observes his opponents carefully, trying to find clues that might reveal their tactics.
As I have always said, if you listen carefully to your clients and show them that you are REALLY interested in solving their problems, they will show you how to sell them.

Ask For The Sale

And finally, do not forget about ASKING FOR THE SALE.
This is one of the most common problems for newbies: The fear of asking.
Remember: Ask for the sale as many times as you need.

Sometimes it will be necessary to ask the same question several times, sometimes the prospect could be hesitant, ASK FOR THE SALE.

Also, remember not to take for granted that your prospect will not buy: Many times in my career I have been convinced that the prospect was not going to buy until I asked for the sale and to my amazement, many times, the prospect ended up buying.

Keep in mind that this question is the culmination of your work: You have invested your time with the client, you have offered all the answers to their questions and now it’s time to get what you deserve.
So be confident and at the right time ask for the sale and this will dramatically improve your sales strategy!

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