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8 Huge Sales Tips From Brian Tracy To Your Success

Brian Tracy is a Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, he is a Canadian-American public speaker and personal development author.
He is the author of over seventy books.
His popular books are Earn What You’re Really Worth, Eat That Frog!, and The Psychology of Achievement.

I learned a lot from Brian Tracy’s teachings and here I am going to include 8 incredibly effective sales tips that you can learn from and apply to your sales career today.

Plan all your questions in advance

The best salespeople, follow a precise plan during their negotiations.

Organize your questions logically, write down all of the most common questions that you ask and create a sequence, starting from the open questions and ending with the closed ones.

Keep your prospect relaxed

Your goal must be to entertain your prospect, to make him/her feel comfortable and relaxed.

The more relaxed your prospect is, the more likely it is to finalize your sale, to generate future sales opportunities and establish stable and fruitful relationships.

Find Out Exactly What Benefit Will Cause Your Customer To Buy From You

Each customer is different, your goal is to figure out which button is the right one to press, the key advantage or benefit that will lead to the purchase of your product or service.

At the same time there is something that will stop your prospect, a fundamental fear or doubt that will prevent him/her from buying, your goal for your interaction is to create what I like to call “a spring”: On the one hand you have to try to keep the customer away from his / her fears and on the other you have to approach him/her with the benefits related to your product or service that can lead him/her to buy.

What Is Holding You Back?

Identify your areas for improvement, try to understand what are some of the skills in your profession that if you improve them can create a huge impact on your sales.

Ask your managers or colleagues to help you identify your main weakness, write them down and create measurable goals, make an action plan and work every day to achieve your goal.

Be thankful for what you already have.

I firmly believe that in our private or professional life we tend to attract what we focus on most of the time,

I often see salespeople who do nothing but complain about their product or service, the company, where they work, etc., and ironically, these people tend to attract unfavorable situations and continue to reinforce their beliefs that things cannot actually work for them.

If you do the exact opposite, if you focus on the things you are grateful for, for example on all the things you have learned through your company training, on the characteristics that make your company a winner, you will transfer this positivity to your customers, you will be more effective in your interactions and you will naturally be more passionate about your work and this will probably turn into an increase in your sales.

Practice Positive Self-Talk

Be conscious of your inner dialogue, of the way you talk to yourself: How would you talk to your best friend?

Talk to yourself the way you would talk to your best friend, make sure your mind is a comfortable place to live and not a place for self-criticism and your life will improve tremendously.

Use silence

The top salespeople know how to take advantage of the silence at the right time.

Silence can be a powerful sales weapon, particularly if used after the closing questions, be sure to use this technique every time you are finalizing the sale and notice how this simple technique can radically improve your negotiations.

Ask for what you want. 

One of the secrets of communication, in general, is being direct and to the point.

Being too polite can damage your sales irreparably.

Be as direct as possible with your customers, ask exactly what you want,

The more you will feel comfortable to ask, the more money you will earn.

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