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How Sales Saved Her Life

Sales has changed my life and that of many.

As a child, Johanna had to leave her beloved Venezuela with her family in search of fortune in America.

With a bit of luck and an incredible hunger for success, Johanna has managed to become a veteran insurance agent for a well-known company with more than 10 years of experience in the field, a string of awards and a big imprint in her local community.

Dylan: How did you end up working in sales?

Johanna: I’ve always been a people person and enjoyed through high school working at the local mall in customer service/ sales of different demo products.

It was a commission based job, but I made over $500 each weekend and for a high school kid that was BIG money.

Dylan: What do you like the most about sales?

Johanna: The income potential is unlimited and it’s purly based on how hard you’re willing to work.

Dylan: How did you manage to become a sales superstar?

Johanna: After college, I decided to continue my sales career and started working for an insurance company.

I’ve always put the customer first and offer the best customer service and that’s been the forefront of my success as an insurance agent.

Dylan: What would you suggest to anyone that wants to reach excellence in sales?

Johanna: Be patient. You don’t become a rockstar over night, get a mentor or coach.

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