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How To Deal With Stress In Sales

Why are you stressed in sales?

The sales profession is certainly one of the most stressful in the world and this has also been demonstrated by recent studies (source).

From having to reach monthly, quarterly and annual targets, to the unstable aspect of this type of job (high turnover, frequent change of management, goal changes, commission structure changes etc) it is not difficult to understand why many sales professionals end up being pulled down by stress.

How Superstars manage stress

Most salespeople get struck down by stress but this is not usually the case of successful salespeople, because they use stress as an asset and not as an obstacle.

Top performers focus their energies on motivating goals and manage to organize their activities in order of importance, thus obtaining (at least on a psychological level) more control over their work and consequently less stress.

Another secret of top sellers is the optimization of their time and their activities in “time slots”.

Being focused in our work is extremely important and follow-up and new business development activities must have the absolute priority.

Underperformers tend to justify the lack of sales with the fact that they have been engaged in multiple activities such as paperwork, training, responding to e-mails and so on…

They later find themselves at the end of the month to come to terms with reality: At that point, panicked, they will try in vain to reach their goals, ending the month stressed and defeated when the month is over.

The constancy rewards

“Constancy rewards”, one of my primary school teachers has always told me: Set yourself daily goals and focus on your most important tasks, this will help you increase your productivity, feel more in control and eliminate stress.

How to unplug the plug

Another reason why many in the sales field end up stressing is the lack of “positive distractions” after the business day is over.

You have to be able to separate your work life from your personal life, otherwise, you’ll end up mixing the two and bringing negative energy on both of them.

It is also very important to focus on the present: Focus all of your energy on whatever you do and this can be achieved through meditation techniques.

In my case, one thing that completely changed my life in the last year was a guided meditation app called “headspace” that I highly recommend to anyone that wants to be happier, relaxed and overall more efficient: This app will help you to live more in the present and create more harmony in your life.

Energy is the key

Finally, another reason why many salespeople are stressed is the lack of energy.

There are 3 things that I suggest to double your energy at work and in the rest of your life:

1. Physical activity
2. Breathing exercises
3. Eat healthily

These 3 activities are emphasized everywhere but often tend to be underestimated.

My goal is to go to the gym at least 2 times a week, doing physical activity increases my energy drastically, reduces stress and decreases the risk of diseases (source).

The use of breathing techniques is another technique that can reduce stress, increase your energy and even strengthen your immune system (source)

I use a technique that I learned from Tony Robbins: inhale for 7 seconds, hold the breath for 28 (7×4) and exhale for 14 seconds (7×2), 10 times, every day: If you do this every day you can’t even imagine the results in your energy levels.

Finally, eating healthy is important not only to increase and maintain your energy but for your own survival.

There are several online articles to read about this topic and I do not want this article to go into too much detail, but in my case, I try to avoid junk foods, soda and I also avoid red meat, I also eat fruit and vegetables as much as possible.

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