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How to handle your “haters”

To all those who work in sales, I want to share something important: When you succeed in achieving memorable goals, many of your “friends” will likely start behaving differently.

You see, when you don’t succeed in life / business, everyone is your best friend and everybody wants to help you, everyone cares about you, everyone wants to help you succeed.

When you finally obtain that much-sought success, you might see things changing: Your coworkers might start avoiding you, talking behind your back or even doing things to impact your reputation.

How to manage an environment so changed then, to not only survive but thrive in this kind of circumstances?

Realize that you’ve already succeeded, you’ve come to a point where your results have shown up.

Remember: If you didn’t achieve impressive results, no one would have noticed them and there wouldn’t have been any reason to care, but the fact that you are noticing changes right at this stage of your career, proves that you are on the right track, you have got something that others want badly.

Learn how to use your haters to become a better person

It is easy to be demoralized when you have people ready to judge or attack you, but if you learn how to handle this type of situations you will also boost your character and increase the odds of success regardless of any external factor.

Learn from the “good” feedbacks

Most of the feedbacks you’ll get, originate out of jealousy or animosity towards you, but some others might still have some merit.

If, for example, you have been criticized for not being sufficiently attentive to the needs of your clients, a change in your approach might result, not only in better interactions but could also represent a boost in your income.

So if you notice that some of these feedbacks might have a point, learn to embrace them and write them down.

Work on improving yourself: There is no better gift than personal improvement.

Ignore mediocrity and focus on greatness

Many “haters” criticize you because they are just afraid, their hatred is often a cry for help and comes from an extreme lack of self-confidence. These type of people tend to live according to self-imposed limits, resulting in a mediocre life/career and a joyless future.

Keep in mind: The geniuses of all times are people who have refused to accept “reasonable” goals or lower expectations and have focused on obtaining exceptional results; They have often been criticized, called “fools” and even publicly humiliated but continued to follow their visions regardless of wherever challenge they were facing in order to protect their ideas and in the end their names are those written on history books.

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