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How To Overcome A Slow Month Fast

Do Exactly The Opposite

The majority of your colleagues will do exactly what their attitude suggests: They will panic, they will be unmotivated, they will start to complain and finally, they will stop focusing on their goals waiting for a miracle to happen and the phones to start ringing again.

At the same time, the break room will be crowded with people and negativity in the air: It will be enough to spend 15 minutes together with this “happy company” to enter a state of eternal desperation and to kill your sales.

How to survive this scourge? Stay light-years away from all these energy-suckers and do the exactly opposite of what most of your colleagues are doing: Stay positive, stay focused, work on your daily sales activities and focus on extra activities.

Take off the bandages from your eyes

If you’ve been in sales for quite some time you already know which periods of the year are slower, you already know what will happen after a “sales slump” right? So why do you act like everything is new? As if you had never been there before?

So don’t worry you will survive this one too as long as you keep yourself busy.

Focus on extra activities

In a slow period, any opportunity must be maximized, any effort must be doubled;
This is the perfect time to focus on all the sales activities that usually do not take place during busy periods such as calling all those old prospects from 6 months ago as an example or to work on generating more referrals from your existing customers.

As always be consistent

Successful salespeople are able to achieve consistent results regardless of slow or busy months because they never stop working hard: They do not let their guard down In times when the business is good but instead they are committed to maintaining a full pipeline no matter what, creating a flow continuous business that never ceases to stop.

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