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How To Sell 130 cars a Month – Interview with Ali Reda (The Michael Jordan Of Car Sales)

Ali Reda sold 1,530 new vehicles and 52 used vehicles in 2017- averaging an astronomical 130 vehicles per month according to Les Stanford Chevy Cadillac in Dearborn, Michigan- which is in line for a Guinness world record.

He is the author of the Amazon Book, How to Sell 100 Cars a MonthHow To Sell 100 Cars a Month, an absolute must for anybody in sales wanting to achieve their wildest dreams.

What really struck me the most about Ali is his kindness and his incredible humility.

When I proposed the interview to Ali, he offered me his full support literally within minutes and this tells me a lot about this person’s work ethic.

Ali attributes his extraordinary achievements to his consultative approach to sales. As a matter of fact, his N.1 priority is to build and maintain long term relationships.

He underlines the importance of being an advisor and building solid friendships with each and every customer, even if sometimes this might not result in an immediate sale.

Ali is considered by many the Michael Jordan of car sales and today I feel extremely grateful to share with you the following interview with him:

Dylan: How did you end up working in sales?

Ali: I was working for a small family owned business and wasn’t moving up anymore so wanted something more. A friend was in Auto sales who loved it and I thought I’d love to do that. Gave it a shot. And extremely happy I did!  that was around May 2001. Fell in love right away.

Dylan: What do you like the most about sales?

Ali: Absolutely the people. I’m so grateful to have met so many wonderful people because of this business. And being able to impact their lives in such a positive way is an amazing feeling. I don’t feel it’s a job at all. I very much enjoy what I do,  helping people.

Dylan: How did you manage to become a sales superstar?

Ali: Sales Superstar haha lol thanks love it. So it’s the people that create that. Treating everyone as a friend is all I do. I show them I do care about their circumstances. I feel I’m more an advisor then a salesman. Being there for them all the time! Before and after the sale. Even if that means not selling them a car. I have love and compassion for them, really it’s amazing how it’s reciprocated if you’re sincere . Of course work ethic, right mindset, motivation and believing in myself all are very very important.

Dylan: What would you suggest to anyone that wants to reach excellence in sales?

Ali: Really starts with believing in yourself and what you have to offer. Having the mindset of building relationships with your clients. Look for the longevity,  not just short term. Most important Stop SELLING and start HELPING.. it’s amazing what will happen. And No one will do it for you if you want it then you have to go get it! simple as that..

Dylan: Ali thanks so much for your prompt response, I really appreciate your transparency.

Ali: Thanks Dylan, happy to help anytime. You are very much appreciated as well.

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