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How to win even if the system is rigged 

Whether it’s your colleague who “stole” your promotion or someone else who’s been helped to boost their sales in an “unethical” way, it’s extremely important to focus on what can you do to be successful regardless of external circumstances, in order to gain control over things such as your positive attitude and your work ethic.

Often we (sales professionals) are famous for being complainers and I believe that there is some truth in this cliche (sometimes at least :-))

The complaints I hear are often based on recurring topics and one of them has to do with the belief that the system is rigged.

I believe that even if now you are thinking that there is no way to be successful in your current situation… I want you to remember: There is always a way…your hard work and persistence will eventually pay off regardless of the system being rigged or not.

Work on your attitude

The truth is, changing jobs is not always the solution to all of your problems.

I constantly hear other salespeople talking about how other companies have this or that incentive that is so much better than what they currently have and don’t realize that to every advantage there is often a corresponding disadvantage.

Let’s face it: The perfect company does not exist.

With this I do not mean that in some circumstances changing company is not a viable solution, I’m just saying that wherever you go you will bring your attitude, your beliefs and your opinions with you …

There are many things in the working environment and in life in general, that we can’t control, but there is one thing we have complete control of and this is our attitude.

Your attitude, your ability to face every situation proactively, is always at your disposal, it is up to you to take advantage of this enormous power.

As I always say, a positive attitude is virtually mandatory to achieve any kind of success in the world of sales.

Use the Pareto Principle

There are no shortcuts to success and anyone who tries to use them, sooner or later will fail miserably, but those who build their own success over time, brick by brick, until they build a solid foundation, will hardly fail.

Focusing on external circumstances or injustices will only lead you to adopt debilitating beliefs that will end up ruining you in the long run.

Use the Pareto principle and instead of focusing on problems, focus 80 percent of your time on the solutions.

Also, the fact that everybody else is following a specific strategy does not necessarily mean that there is only one way of achieving your goals: Be creative, if necessary, find new strategies to get where you need to be.

Have a clear idea of where you are in the process and what kind of resources you need to achieve your goals,

Do you need to improve your “follow up” or “time management” skills? or do you need to improve your “objection handling” skills?

There are countless often free resources that you can find online to help you to improve your skills and become a better professional.

Emulate the excellence

Whatever goal you want to achieve or wherever challenge you are currently facing, someone else already possesses the solution you are looking for.

As I always suggest, find a mentor, a friend, someone who can show you the right strategy, read articles online or blogs, read books or magazines, there are no limits to the number of existing resources to become a winner in your field.

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