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How To Win Your Fear Of Cold Calling Today

The first job that introduced me to the world of sales was promoting products for a telephone company.

I remember how terrified I was initially to make calls trying to find excuses to wait before starting to dial, to just find the courage.

I remember all of the rejections, all the people that would hung up on me call after call, people saying all sort of colorful things to me…and I remember when everything changed and I became one of the top sales reps in that company.

Why Cold Calling Is Important

Cold Calling is still considered one of the most powerful sales strategies for new business generation.

The raw truth is that if you don’t know how to call a stranger and interest him in your product or service, you have no hope of success in the world of sales, but if you find a way to master this art, your bank account will grow exponentially.

The now multi-million dollar company Uber started with a person who decided to overcome his fear of cold calls. (source)

Adopt A New Perspective 

One of the biggest obstacles that I had to overcome before I succeeded with cold calling had to do with my negative beliefs about it: In fact most of my colleagues, and I would dare to say, most people in the sales business, tend to define this activity with terms such as “disgusting”, “a waste of time”, “humiliating” etc trying to convince themselves that after all cold calling is not so important; I often read many famous sales and marketing gurus defining cold calling as “outdated” or “obsolete” , promising to teach strategies that would bring your customers in front of you effortlessly and without a single phone call … But you know better than me that in life there are not many things that you can obtain effortlessly and I can assure you that “cold calling” is still the “bread and butter” for a sales professional.

What would happen if instead you realized that cold calling is not at all a waste of time but instead, a way to expand your business radically, to double or triple your earnings, to improve your sales skills? The way I see it, the cold calling business is a blessing from heaven: Every call I make I imagine my wallet getting bigger, for every appointment I schedule, I imagine hundred-dollar bills coming in my direction!

Is it all roses? Of course not, but what would happen if you started see cold calling from a new prospective, maybe a more productive one?

I leave the choice to you… 🙂

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