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Improve Your Sales Process Today With This 5 Sales Tips From The Top Sales Professionals

The best and most effective way to improve your sales process is to learn from the best.

I have selected some of the best sales tips available to dramatically improve your sales process.

1. Stay In Control

What separates a good sales rep from a great one? Their ability to control the fire.

A good sales rep lets the customer drive the sales process, but a great sales rep will bring the prospect back and understand what they value before leaning into their sales process. This process typically includes thinking and guiding the prospect through the deal, committing to meeting milestones and staying on track to the close date.

This way, a great sales rep ensures they are batting at the best pitches to strike a home run.

Patrick Biddiscombe

CEO @ New Breed

2.Focus on making a difference.

Nobody cares about your product, service or solution. That’s the hardest thing for sellers to realize. All they care about is the difference you can make for their organization.

For example, today I sell sales training. If I’d call a VP of Sales and mention that, they’ll tell me they’re not interested. However, once I changed my focus to the tangible outcomes they’d get from using my sales training, the door opened wide. After all, they were extremely interested in shortening their sales cycle, reducing the ramp up time for new hire sales reps and driving revenue growth.

Jill Konrath

International Keynote Speaker | Author of 4 Bestselling Sales Books

3.It’s not what you say; It’s what your customer believes.

You can have the best sales presentation in the world, but if the customer doesn’t believe your proposition, then you don’t have a chance.  Take the time to engage with the customer.

Ask them questions and let them tell you their wants and needs. Yes, many times they don’t know what their needs are and you’ll have to guide them, but in the end, if they don’t believe it, you don’t have a chance.

Mark Hunter

“The Sales Hunter” is the author of the book “High Profit Selling.”

4.Never, ever, ever compete on price.

Always compete on quality and service. There will always be someone cheaper.

Rachel Clapp Miller

Vice President Of Marketing And Digital Engagement at Force Management

5.Use your normal course of communication.

“One of our best sales tips is to make product/service suggestions to customers in our normal course of communication. When we communicate with clients about current orders, or requests (even customer service issues), we add a sentence or two about other ways we can help them. So, for example, when we incorporate a new business, we not only answer the client’s pending question, but we also let them know that we can help the client with their annual filing or tax ID. This is a great way to get the client thinking about other services we offer about which they might not have known.”

Deborah Sweeney

VP/GM, MyCorporation, Deluxe Corporation

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