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Is the 10 X Rule by Grant Cardone Worth Reading?

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I have to say that this book was fairly easy to read because the writing style is very conversational and straight to the point. In fact I read the whole book in less than two hours which is good for my standards.For those who aren’t familiar with the book, it basically talks about how much effort is needed to be highly successful in today’s world. He states quite early on in the book that most people who start a business underestimate the amount of effort required to be successful.

In the early chapters he tells a bit of his own story about how he came from America’s middle class. Nobody gave him any gifts and he had to work hard for everything he owns today. He then goes on to talk about the four levels of action that most of us take when we approach our jobs or our business. These are:

1. Do nothing

2. Retreat

3. Take Normal Levels of Action

4. Take Massive Action

He says that most people are in the category of “normal levels of action” which he considers to be one of the most dangerous. This is mostly people who belong to the middle class and he basically says that they aim too low in terms of what they consider to be success. He then goes on to say that we should take massive levels of actions if we want to be successful. I have to say that the description of “massive action” left me a bit disappointed because it didn’t really talk about the difference between working hard and working smart. I know for a fact that in this life you can work really hard at something and still not be very successful. This in my opinion is a weakness in the book. However, the whole concept of massive action can be really necessary for a lot of people to showcase their true talents in this life.

He then goes on to talk about a few areas like time management and our level of commitment. This wasn’t bad and I learnt a couple of useful ideas here. He ends the book by giving 32 different ways of implementing he 10 X rule. Some of these were nice and others were more predictable. I liked his concept of “be dangerous” where he says we must not be afraid to take big risks to get to where we want to be.

On the whole i would say this is not a bad book. it could be good for someone who needs to take their sales or their business to the next level. It gave me a boost, even though I now realise that I didn’t need the 10 X Rule to get there. If you want some really useful Free sales strategies you can get them by clicking on the link below.

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