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Sales Success Stories: From Telemarketer To Insurance Superstar

Today I am about to interview a friend, a veteran in the P & C’s Insurance world: Sharon Popki.
She has been Top-Producer out of 5 agencies for 7 consecutive years, selling such an extraordinary amount of policies, that many other agents in her field still scratch their heads trying to figure out her success.

In 2017 she was able to generate $1.000,0000 annualized premium,

She also has almost 2 decades of experience working for the banking industry, doing consumer and small business credit analysis, mortgage underwriting and mortgage originations.

I think a role model is a mentor – someone you see on a daily basis, and you learn from them.” Denzel Washington

Sharon currently works for a notorious national insurance brand.

Like me, she possesses a strong inside sales background.

Dylan: How did you end up working in sales?:

Sharon: I enjoy talking to people.  My first sales job was in HS, age 15.  I cold-called people and sold them newspaper subscriptions.  I realized at that point that I was a natural w sales.

I actually enjoyed telemarketing.  Most others hated it

Throughout HS and college, I held several different sales jobs and was always ranked the highest. I contribute my success to my perseverance

Dylan: What do you like the most about sales?

Sharon: I enjoy getting to know people. I always provide a personal touch and take a genuine interest in a client’s’ needs

I also stress that my customers can call me at any time, and I always provide my cell

Dylan: How did you manage to become a sales superstar?

Sharon: I do extra when I talk to my clients. I thoroughly explain the product to my clients. Ie: I always take the time to thoroughly explain what the coverages mean.

Dylan: What would you suggest to anyone that wants to reach excellence in sales?

Sharon: Establish rapport. Take a genuine interest in clients’ needs.

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