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Sales Success Stories: Gary Peña

As the well-known peak performance coach Tony Robbins says, “success leaves clues”.

Today I will interview a dear friend, Gary Peña.

His determination has always struck me, I’ve always noticed that extraordinary obsession in his eyes, his genuine passion for helping as many people as possible.

For Gary his profession has always been something more than just a job, for him, it is a beginning of a long relationship, each and every interaction is almost like a work of art or a missing piece of a puzzle waiting to be solved.

His unique approach to the world of sales has made him one of the most prosperous insurance agents on the East Coast.

His background boasts experiences in automotive sales, top captive sales producer for a well-known insurance brand, up to becoming insurance manager and ultimately a promising business owner.

Dylan: How did you end up working in sales?

Gary: I ended up in sales the following way: To be upfront, I became a master of manipulation. I grew up playing chess at a very young age and it made me become a tactician. I anticipate every move and I am somewhat analytical. I love playing with numbers and insurance is a numbers game. The more people you touch base with and create a relationship, the more opportunity will get to quote and then you should be able to close based on your conversion ratio.

Dylan: What do you like the most about sales?

Gary: What I really love about sales is when you make the sale on the spot. Just the thought that you were able to create a relationship from a cold start is something that excites me. Sales also bring out the competitive side of me. I’m a fierce competitor and I take it personally if I am not number 1 in my group or territory. I set high goals for myself and my team members so we can achieve something special together.

Dylan: How did you manage to become a sales superstar?

Gary: If there is one thing in sales is that you gotta have peoples skills. You have to learn how to relate and connect with each and every customer. What I mean behind all this is that you have to be a likable person. If they don’t like they won’t fucking buy from you. Period. I’m not gonna give my hard earned money to some rude or unsympathetic jerk. I’d rather take my business elsewhere. Call (well-known brand) or something.

Dylan: What would you suggest to anyone that wants to reach excellence in sales?

Gary: Be humble, Be patient, be obsessed with serving others and give your 100 percent every single time.

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