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How To Sell Yourself In 3 Simple Steps

Whether it’s a job interview, an exam, or winning over the woman of your dreams, the secret to success is knowing how to sell yourself.
I’ve been reading both online and books that advertise the famous “elevator pitch”, but it’s BS!
If somebody comes up to me and tries to “sell” me his idea with 30 seconds of a boring monolog, I’d send him away!

So what’s the best way to understand how to sell yourself?

Understand what makes you unique.

Ask yourself: what makes me unique and special?

If you don’t know the answer immediately that’s fine, but ask yourself this question until you have at least 10 responses, and realize that this could be the most important question of your life.

We live in a competitive world, where to get a job you have to fight with all your strength and compete with hundreds of people, one more motivated than the next to be working there instead of you, and nowadays knowing how to sell yourself is no longer optional, it is the difference between having a future and not having one, the difference between being able to feed your family or not.

So then, how can you not only survive but prosper and win the challenges of your life? How can you win your dream job? Or have the conversation with your boss that you have been putting off for fear of being rejected for the raise you’ve worked hard for? Or getting the attention of the girl of your dreams you always wanted to go out with?

Follow These Simple Steps:

1) Be the best version of yourself

2) Be aware of what you want and why you want it

3) Make your product irresistible

4) Close the deal

I will now go through the following steps in detail.

Be the Best Version of Yourself

I like to think that within each of us there is a hidden superhero.

Have you ever found yourself in situations where you felt drained and you found it hard to do things that in other circumstances would have been a no-brainer?

For example, a Saturday night you went out with your friends and the next morning you were forced to get up early to go to work, and you felt completely out of focus and your colleagues or customers barely seemed to recognize you?

Or have you ever gone out with a group of people with whom you didn’t feel comfortable, and felt like everything that came out of your mouth seemed not to do you justice?

Have you ever experienced the exact opposite? Waking up in the morning full of energy and faced a difficult situation with ease, or you managed to make a great first impression in front of a group, or you passed a very difficult exam easily?

What is the difference between the two situations? You’re the same person in both situations, aren’t you?

The difference is that in the second example you were more connected to the best parts of you.

So, how can you be more frequently connected to the best parts of you?

(Read the following post where I explain step by step how to do it!)

Be Aware of What You Want and Why You Want It

For example, to get a job interview, it is important to have a precise idea of where you want to be with the company in question, and have in mind how you could add value to this company.

If you’re looking to get a date with the girl of your dreams, it is crucial to understand what kind of person you are dealing with.

Simply put, focusing on very specific objectives and realizing why you want to achieve them will increase your chances of success.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” Zig Ziglar

Make Your Product Irresistible

Let’s assume that you are sitting across from the human resources person for a job interview.

Try to collect as much information as possible about what she is looking for from a candidate. How? Simple, ask as many questions as possible.

“What kind of person are you looking for?”, “What are the most important features that you are looking for in a candidate?” And so on …

Many people go to interviews without knowing what the person in front of them is looking for, and just go on and on with a boring presentation about themselves, and what they think is relevant, and the result with this kind of approach may not be the one you are looking for…

Asking such questions will help you figure out exactly what this person wants from you, and how to customize your presentation to fit into what they want to hear from a potential candidate.

If you are on a date with a girl, try to understand what kind of things she really likes, what is important to her in life, try to understand what her goals and values are, in other words, work at understanding what is really important to this person.

As Dale Carnegie suggests in his book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” become genuinely interested in other people “and” be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves”.

The more information you get about this person and what she expects from you, the more you will be able to adapt your responses to her questions in the most effective way possible.

Now ask yourself a series of questions of fundamental importance:

What do I have that this person can benefit from?

Here’s another interesting question:

What can make me irresistible in the eyes of this person?

Whatever you are trying to achieve, your focus should be how to bundle up your message in such a way that the person in front of you can see the “benefits” you can bring that can solve the individual’s or company’s “needs”.

“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, What’s in it for me? “  Brian Tracy

Close the Deal.

This is the most important step of all, if you ever find yourself in a classic commercial negotiation, this phase is what we would call   “closing” the deal.

You’ve come to the end, you are almost to the finish line …

Returning to the example of the job interview, you’ve passed the second interview and now you are face to face with your future manager who must decide whether to choose you or one of the other 2 candidates that, like you, came this far — one mistake could be the difference between buying a new car and traveling by bus.

At this point you’ve gathered enough information, you’ve asked enough questions and you want your future boss to say the magic word: “hired” or in the case of your date, you are at the end of an enjoyable evening at a restaurant, and you have to decide what to do to end the evening in the best way possible.

The last step in the process of promoting yourself is to make “the product” irresistible.

At this point, you should have collected all of the information you need to finalize everything.

Close the deal!

Here are some examples of phrases of “closure”.

Job interview examples:

“When is my first day at work”?

“When does the training start?”

”Congrats, you just hired a winner(shake his/her hands)”

In the example of the date:

“l love your blue eyes, and I just want to kiss you now”

If all the steps have been followed with care, then you’ll get to start enjoying the deserved victory!

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