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The 5 Biggest Mistakes In Sales

Not having control over the interactions

Control is everything in sales: Too often I see people working with total lack of leadership or control over their interactions with customers and especially if you’re new in sales you absolutely need to learn how to exercise control, how to persuade your customers effectively.

It is useless to learn any sales techniques if you don’t first posses this basic skill.

Not understanding the buyer’s needs

It is useless to focus on your presentation, to emphasize technical features and details of your product or service if you don’t know who you are addressing first and what kind of needs they have.

I often see salespeople using the same identical approaches again and again, with the same identical “standard” presentation, phone call after phone call, meeting after meeting without ever trying to figure out who their prospects are , what problems they are trying to solve and how their products or services can be a solution.

Believing that the price is the “Holy Grail”

Today I saw a friend talking to one of his customers and asking him if he was ok with the price he was charging him for a policy…

First of all, this type of question puts you in a position of weakness in front of your client,

Secondly, with this type of approach you will lose any kind of value that your product or service had in the customer’s mind and the product or service offered will be perceived as “one of the many”.

Unfortunately too often many salespeople mistakenly think that if only they could lower the cost of their products or services any problem would be solved magically…

So many times I see friends in my field offering “apples to apples” comparisons, where most of the times they have no control whatsoever of what the result will be; If they are lucky enough they’ll get the sale solely because of the price and of course their customers will leave them as soon as they find “a better deal”.

They didn’t add any kind of value to what they are offering, they are just “order takers” .

Unfortunately the average salespeople use this kind of approach more often than not.

Using the wrong timing

The real “hunter” knows exactly what he wants, is determined and keeps the conversation going from the beginning to the end, knows how to attract the customer’s attention, has a clear idea of which “hot buttons” to press and when is the right time to close the negotiation and above all, he knows how to exercise a genuine “sense of urgency”.

Many often tend to use shortcuts and try to close the deal too early or too late in the process.

The right time to close the deal is when the lead is still “hot” and if you wait too long or if you try to hurry up, you risk losing the sale: It’s all about balance.

Talking yourself out of the sale

You worked hard, sometimes the negotiation lasted weeks or months and it’s finally time to close.

The last thing you want to do is to add options to the plate…

I see this happening every day: When it’s time to close the sale the salesperson keeps talking and adding details to the conversation, to the point of potentially damaging the deal and literally talking they’re customers out of the sale.

If you are approaching the end of the negotiation just slow down, stop offering additional details: All you needed to explain at this point should have been already discussed earlier and the only thing you need to do is to shut your mouth and wait for a simple “yes”.

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