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The Future Of Sales

I have seen several articles around, who tend to dramatize the fact that advanced technologies will shape the future of the sales profession, while the AI revolution and the advent of online interactions through “bots” takes place.

Millions of sales jobs will supposedly be at risk while traditional selling approaches will be completely wiped out from their humanity and customers will have total control over the buying process, having multiple digital channels from which to obtain information.

But is this really what is going to happen?

What Will Really Happen

In my opinion, in the future we will see an effective growth of automated sales technologies but this will NEVER prevent sales people from growing, especially in the case of more complex and expensive products, there will always have to be a real salesperson on the other side of the screen.

The most common tasks will be automated and software for productivity and analytics will be commonly used and this will eliminate the need for many repetitive tasks and in my opinion, this will actually enhance our job and will enable us to focus more on what is important: acquiring new customers.

Integration With New Channels

Social Media, Video, VR, on-line reviews, will be used more often in interactions with customers.

The Role Of The Trusted Advisor

The role of the trusted advisor, the so-called expert, will be essential, in fact in a world where it will increasingly be easier to suffer from “information overload”, having a deep knowledge of your product will be essential.

A Future Brighter Than Ever

In my opinion, the human psychology will never change because the basic (human) needs will always be the same.
The need to filter the ever-increasing flow of information, to simplify and to understand customer’s needs, to underline benefits and to finalize the decision-making process, the body language’s reading, and anything related to the intuitiveness and the purely emotional aspects of interactions will never die out, conversely, they will thrive, in a world where we will deeply immersed in technology, any skill focused on human interactions will be in high demand and almost impossible to automate.

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