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This is why you are still not boosting your sales

Today I was reflecting on my latest achievements and my future goals, specifically regarding this blog’s content.

My goal for this blog is to create content that really delivers immediate results to increase your sales and your income fast.

Many of my articles deal with sales strategies and many of the strategies I mention here are incredibly effective when applied correctly.

One thing I realize however, is that there are some of you that even when learning new sales techniques might still not improve their performance and today I will talk about the one thing that everybody is missing in sales and that can make all the difference in your performance.

Whether you believe it or not your mental attitude towards sales can make you or break you and your internal dialogue is one of the main factors that can impact your attitude.

Every day we all talk to ourselves and often we don’t realize it consciously but the way we use our inner dialogue, the things we say to ourselves before starting to interact with our prospects are a determining factor in succeeding or not, in closing the sale or missing it.

For example, If every time I meet a new customer I say to myself “Oh shit, this guy will never buy!”, what kind of results do you think I will get?

Every day I see sales professionals full of potential ruin negotiations mostly because of their own mindset.

In order to maintain a good internal dialogue you need to realize that you can change it and use it to your advantage to keep yourself happy and motivated, instead of miserable but remember that most of the time you are your main obstacle to your own success.

There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge. Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought”. Napoleon Hill

Here are 2 ways to train your inner dialogue

1.Take the negative dialogues and question them: Does this thought have any real basis or am I am just making things harder for myself?

2.Turn any negative thoughts like “It’s impossible” or “I will never sell it” into … “How can I turn this obstacle into an opportunity?” , “How can I change my approach to win this customer’s business?”.

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