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How To Triple Your Sales In An Instant

Set high goals.

I think this is one of the most important points, often underestimated.
The only way to be successful in your profession and in life in general is to have measurable goals.
I want to give you a little advice: Do not underestimate the power of setting ambitious goals:There are so many people who will probably underestimate you, like your boss, your family and so on…
Do not listen to them and expect from yourself more than anyone else can expect and you will be surprised at the results.
Be unreasonable, as Tony Robbins says unreasonable mans and womans rule the world, remember: You have been given just a small amount of time in this world, use it to maximize your potential and you will never regret it, I promise you.
Understand the difference between price and value.
I see it every day, the average sales person is terrified by the price, often using it as an excuse to justify the fact that he has not reached his goals, but the average sales person is destined to fail miserably sooner or later.
The sale is based almost entirely on the impression that we and the product we are selling does on our customer.
Here is the definition of the word “impression”  from the Google dictionary: “feeling, or opinion about something or someone, especially one formed without conscious thought or on the basis of little evidence”.
Now we can sell something even without evidence, the top salesman can sell anything to anybody based on just an impression but your goal should always be to sell something of value that you would buy for yourself or for your family.
This is also important when our customers are comparing prices: The only reason why a customer is still comparing your product to others is because inside his mind the price and the value of the product (the impression the customer has of the product or service you are selling as far as how effective is going to be in solving his / her needs) are on the same level or the price is actually higher than the perceived value (that’s how you can lose a sale).
There are several strategies you can use to show that your product or service is far superior to its cost and to increase the chances to close the sale and I will talk about those in my next posts.
Study your product: You need to know your product inside out: what are the benefits that your product offers?
Write down at least 10 benefits and think about how those benefits can solve your customer’s needs.
The more you know about your product and the more you understand the benefits that your product can offer, the easier the sale is going to be.
Make sure you really believe in what you’re selling.
Another reason why so many sales people do not sell is that they don’t really believe in their product or service.
The only way to sell your product or service is to love it, to be convinced that your product is the best solution to your customer’s needs.
What is the easiest way to believe in your product? Buy it and use it. This will show that you actually walk what you talk.
Know your product.
Knowing your product should be mandatory before you can start selling, but unfortunately it is one of the most common mistakes in sales.
Professionalism and experience in your field are two basic and fundamental skills for those who work full time in this profession and the more you know the product, the more you have the opportunity to respond adequately to customer questions or objections.
Many sales people know everything about their product, have a clear idea of the sales process but they still can’t succeed and this is linked to the fact that they don’t practice each day or they try to create shortcuts in the sales process.
When I was still in Italy I had an English professor who knew all about English grammar but if I had brought him to London, he would probably not be able to interact in a normal conversation with the locals and the same happens with many sales courses: the materials are high quality but the sales people don’t practice what they have learned .
I have attended hundreds of sales courses and most people just put into practice what they learned for the first few days / weeks / months and then back from where they started.
I Invite anyone who is beginning in this field to find a role model and to practice as much as possible without having fear of making mistakes, I repeat: there are no magic shortcuts or buttons in this profession, the only way to succeed is to act and practice what you’ve learned.
Think outside the Box.
This is a used and abused phrase.
Many times it’s easy to fall into regular mechanisms and conversations but if you really want to be competitive in your industry you have to think differently compared to how most of your competitors think, you have to create unique ways to attract the attention of your prospects, you have to make them unique in their eyes.
Do not assume. Always ask questions.
Never ever assume what a customer is thinking, this is one of the easiest ways to fail.
One of the most important aspects of successful sales people is knowing how to listen, knowing how to open your ears and at the same time knowing how to close your mouth.
Mostly if you keep your ears open, your client will tell you exactly how to sell him/ her a product, just listen and ask him as many questions as possible to understand what he wants exactly.
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